Missional Training #11 – Things to Consider Before Starting a New Missional Community

The Core Group of our Church plant has been meeting for the last few months and we’ve come to a point where we are near ready to start a couple Missional Communities.  As we draw near the need to multiply, here are some things to Consider.

Where should we plant a Missional Community?

  • Is there a places for potential service nearby?
  • Are there any prospects or connections with the unchurched already?
  • Are there other Christians living in the area who are commited to the vision?
  • Do you have a meeting place available in the form of a house or apartment?

Who will lead in the MC? 

  • Who will be the primary leader of the MC?
  • Who will Colead? 
  • Is there a balance of Prophet, Priest, and King perspectives among the leaders? 
  • Do they know the DNA and vision of our church plant?  Do they unerstand Missional Communites?
  • Have they experience in leading the Story or coleading other elements in MC life? 

Who Could You Invite?

  • Vocation – Every Christian is a full time minister.  God just route our paychecks through different routes.  God has placed you in your job so that you could serve others well through those means, but also so that you might be a witness to others.  Who do you know at work that is unchurched?  Do you ever get together with them socially?  If not, how can you engaged them to grow your relationship?
  • Location  – All of us live in a place surrounded by people, even if we live in the country, there are people around us.  Do you know you’re neighbors?  Do you know who are churched or unchurched?  If so, who can you invite to your MC?  If  you don’t know your neighbors, get to know them.  Bring them over some extra soup, invite them to a party, serve them in some way.    
  • Recreation – All of us have hobbies that we enjoy.  God’s given us all unique skills and interests.  God has also given us all unique relational connections to others.  How can you use your passions and interests to connect with others?  Who are you already in relationship with that you can connect to other members of the MC or invite to an event?
  • Relations – Who in your family needs to know Jesus?  Can you invite them to social gathering of other MC members?  Would they enjoy The Story?  Would they join us in service projects? 

 For My Core Group:  To prepare for our next meeting, please think and pray over the questions above.  Pray for direction of the Holy Spirit, for open doors to Gospel conversations, and for coworkers and laberors.

Read the Gospel-Centered Life Chapter 12, Horizons.     Also, Is anyone interested in leading The Story this week?  Please let me know and I’ll get you the materials.


About Ted Torreson

I'm a Husband, Father, Pastor & Church planter

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