For Better or For Worse

The video below reminds me of the part of the wedding vow, “For Better or For Worse.”  Watch this amazing video from Desiring God:

  1. What amazes you about the commitment of this couple?
  2. How does this video shape the way you view your own marriage or, if you’re not married, your idea of marriage?
  3. Marriage is a relationship that was meant to reflect the relationship that God desires to have with his people.  How does the love of this wife reflect the love God has for his people?
  4. How would you use the Grand story of the Gospel, to help an unchurched person make sense of the content in this video. 

Image found here

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I'm a Husband, Father, Pastor & Church planter

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  1. Wow, what a powerful story. I think when I get married next month, this story is going to stick with me. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Oy, that made me tear up a bit. The woman is amazing and very strong. It also seems that their family and friends were very supportive, which was a big part of why everything was able to work out for them. It speaks volumes to the fact that life isn’t exactly a given and whatever plans you’ve had for it can change very quickly. What matters is how you deal and respond to those unexpected happenings and if you can embrace a life that is lead from a “plan b” or even “plan c” direction.

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